Star Wars transforms Chadstone

In the July school holidays, we transformed Chadstone shopping centre into the Star Wars universe.

Chadstone are on a mission to position themselves as more than a shopping centre, but a cultural epicentre whilst driving late night trade during the school holidays.

Star Wars has no place in a shopping centre; where people go to fill out their ‘to-do’ lists, so how do we convince ‘shoppers’ (school kids and families) to extend their stay, play and pay?

In July 2019, we transformed the shopping centre into the Star Wars universe, snapping our audience out of the shopping mentality.

Over the 14 days, over 27,000 people participated in the activities, with a unique social reach of over 1.2 million. (no influencers were commissioned… reach came from people sharing their photos interacting with the X-Wing organically!)


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