The Trends Catalogue is a forum for discovery, insights and inspiration. It’s where brands and rights holders alike can download the latest insights and trends from our experienced and diverse commercial, creative and experiential thinkers.

CSR in the Era of the Conscious Consumer

CSR Strategy | May 2021

We’ve explored the reasons why brands should undertake CSR activity and believe that CSR shouldn’t just be considered a responsibility, but an integrated component of your company that exists to drive growth.

Nextperiential Issue III | Dec 2020

Delving into the key industry and cultural trends, and audience behaviours that will influence 2021 by examining the long term effect 2020 has had on consumer behaviour and culture, whilst showcasing the brands with innovative, class leading ideas that create cut through and impact.

Stadium Innovation | Nov 2020

Stadiums around the world are using connectivity, data and experience to drive incremental and diverse revenue streams, using technology as the enabler.

The Power of Esports | Oct 2020

With the recent changes to the OPL, the Australian esports and gaming landscape is reviewed in the context of the eye-watering global numbers, and the opportunities for brands are identified.

Digital Acquisition | Oct 2020

So many brands are using partnerships for acquisition so we have provided a framework, the considerations and best practice examples for creating an efficient and impactful digital acquisition strategy.

The Path Forward | Aug 2020

The pandemic has been extremely challenging for rights holders across the sport and entertainment industry, so we look at how rights holders have been responding to the primarily financial challenges.

Community Sport | Jul 2020

Tapping into Australia’s sporting communities has long been a challenge for brands, so we took a look at the most opportune ways to connect with consumers, knowing that the pandemic has significantly changed the landscape.

New World Order | Jun 2020

A deep dive into the effect COVID-19 had on events globally and locally,  identifying key learnings and creative opportunities brands can use to adhere to new normals and audience behaviours moving forward.

Nextperiential Issue II | Mar 2020

The second instalment, focussing on the dramatic, long term effect digital is having on consumer experiences and the hyperbolic effect COVID-19 had in 2020.

Nextperiential Issue I | Nov 2019

The first instalment of our cultural and creative trend reports. Showcasing the latest in experiential trends brands are using to create cut through in key markets. 

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